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Based in Suriname and founded in 2015, Kernel Information Technology N.V. Kernel Information Technology N.V., established in Suriname in 2015, provides specialized cloud and data management solutions, leveraging a unique blend of local expertise and strategic international partnerships. Our mantra is harnessing the power of Microsoft Technologies, with a particular emphasis on Microsoft 365, SharePoint Online, and the Power Platform suite — Power BI, PowerApps, and Power Automate — to drive digital transformation. Beyond these specializations, our portfolio encompasses a wide array of IT services. We invite you to explore our full offerings on our website and connect with us on Facebook for the latest updates.  

What We Do

We deliver comprehensive planning and implementation services across various information management solutions. Recognizing the critical importance of change management, user experience, and security, we integrate these elements into every aspect of our implementations. Our methodology is developed through extensive experience and lessons learned, ensuring an end-to-end approach that allows us to deliver consistent, high-quality results. Our measure of success is more than timelines and objectives; We deeply care about the positive experiences and satisfaction of our clients. 

How We Do It

Services and products

Microsoft Office 365

Improve the way your organization works with Microsoft Office 365—a dynamic, cloud-based platform designed to elevate security, reliability, and user productivity to extreme levels. Enterprise-grade email, automation, collaboration, and document management come together seamlessly in a powerful suite to help you be more productive and creative. With Microsoft 365, you’re not just integrating various systems; You’re doing more with the systems you already have. Your workday should be stress free and technology should not be an obstacle. Let’s transform your workday into a streamlined, highly efficient experience where the tools you know, and love work harder for you.

Analytics & Power BI

Unleash the full potential of your data with Power BI, now supercharged with Microsoft Fabric. This dynamic duo transforms complex datasets into clear, actionable insights with ease. Whether it’s Excel, SQL, SharePoint, or any other data source, Power BI’s extensive compatibility ensures you can effortlessly integrate and analyze data. Encourage data-driven decision-making throughout your organization with beautifully designed, interactive dashboards that make data exploration engaging. Elevate your business intelligence to new heights, fostering a culture of informed leadership and propelling your organization forward.

Application development

We develop custom applications using Microsoft PowerApps and automating business processes with Power Automate. This approach enables the creation of tailored solutions that streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance user experience across various organizational functions. By leveraging these powerful and agile tools, Kernel IT empowers businesses to solve complex challenges through innovative, scalable, and integrated applications, driving digital transformation and operational excellence.

Software Licensing Expertise

Our expertise extends beyond the cloud, deeply rooted in traditional IT infrastructure, server technology, and networking. This foundation is crucial for navigating the complexities of cloud migration, maintenance, and optimization. Recognizing that many businesses, especially large corporations, still operate within hybrid environments, we blend on-premise systems with cloud solutions, ensuring seamless integration and robust performance. Our knowledge in firewalls, on-premise security, and network reliability is key to unlocking the full potential of both cloud and traditional IT infrastructures, offering a comprehensive service portfolio that meets today’s diverse technological needs.

We offer expert advice and facilitate the purchasing of software licensing for Microsoft, Adobe, and more.

Our team

Harvey Harpal

C O - F O U N D E R | G E N E R A L

From a very young age, technology and engineering have always interested me. My journey truly began in the world of electronics. I still remember the electronics kits which I received as a gift on holidays. Ultimately my interests led me to complete a degree in Electrical Engineering at AdekUS, with a focus on Information Technology. My passion for technology and innovation, combined with the inspiration I found in my family’s business, drove me to co-found Kernel IT in 2015. One of the primary drivers is creating value for the rest of the landscape – be it IT, the community or otherwise. I aim to do this by embracing the idea of specialization over generalization and aiming to deliver high quality services in the latest relevant technology.

Apart from work some of my interests are playing the piano, electronics, and exploring the world of aviation. I’ve arranged and composed a few musical numbers, and love tinkering with hobby electronics such as the Arduino and Raspberry PI. I think hobbies and work influence each other as creativity and critical thinking skills are valuable aspects all around.

Jermain Timpico


My journey to where I am today hasn’t been straightforward. Back in high school, I was unsure which path to take. I felt pulled in various directions by my interests. Eventually, I stumbled upon Economics, which seemed fascinating. But it was my time working in a technology retail company that ignited a passion within me. Now, I proudly hold a degree in IT management from Janssen and Partners N.V. I’ve embraced the ups and downs, the challenges, and the opportunities that come with it. Outside of work, I thrive on staying active and engaged. Whether I’m at the gym or practicing Brazilian Jujitsu, I’m all about keeping the energy flowing.

Genequa Wolff


I am an ambitious and hardworking individual. I am extremely driven, with a clear goal to succeed and I approach new challenges with an open mind. I enjoy sharing knowledge for, from and with colleagues, because I consider cooperation, transparency and learning from each other important conditions for a productive organization. Team productivity increases with individual well-being and keeping processes well designed, organized, and pleasant is crucial to that end.

Taufiq Sultan


As a Software Engineer, I specialize in developing dynamic applications using Power Apps and Power Automate as a Power Platform Developer at our esteemed company. With a passion for innovation, I constantly seek out new technologies to integrate into our projects, ensuring we remain at the forefront of industry trends. I excel in collaborative environments, where my problem-solving skills and attention to detail drive successful outcomes. Beyond my technical expertise, I am committed to continuous learning, staying updated with the latest advancements in technology. I thrive on challenges and enjoy overcoming them to achieve our goals efficiently. My dedication to excellence and strong teamwork ethic contribute to a positive work environment.

Vishan Mahabier


Currently pursuing a degree in Software Engineering, I excel in transforming ideas into robust, user-friendly solutions. My expertise lies in crafting applications that empower businesses through the seamless integration of Power Platform tools. Eager to contribute my skills and stay at the forefront of technological advancements, I am dedicated to creating impactful and efficient software solutions.

Narisha Roeplal


Embarking on a new challenge, I joined Kernel IT as a BI Intelligence Data Analyst after honing my skills in Learning Management Systems. Pursuing a Data Science specialization at PTC, I’ve immersed myself in Power BI and complex problem-solving. Supported by Kernel IT’s nurturing environment and mentorship, I’ve experienced significant personal and professional growth. Motivated by solving intricate problems and providing valuable insights, I’m enthusiastic about driving innovation and success in the dynamic field of data analysis.

Karan Ramlagan


Since my early years, I have been drawn to the world of technology, leading me to pursue a high school education in electronic information technology. As my affinity for the ICT sector grew, I decided to further my studies in this field, opting for a degree in network engineering at Polytechnic College Suriname. I maintain an open-minded approach, willing to learn from others to enhance and improve myself Beyond my professional endeavors, I am passionate about staying updated on emerging technology trends and enjoy exploring new destinations through travel. 


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Kernel IT is a strategic partner who thinks and feels with us, always comes up with unique and effective solutions and is up-to-date with all things Microsoft.
Robert Hahn
Manager Corporate ICT
Partnering with Kernel IT for our Microsoft 365 implementation was an important decision for CCC when implementing Microsoft 365. Their team's expertise and responsive support have significantly enhanced our communication and collaboration efficiency. Kernel IT's dedication to understanding our unique needs and providing comprehensive training ensured a smooth transition to Microsoft 365. We highly appreciate their commitment to excellence and their role as a supportive IT partner.
Christel Tjong Tjin Joe
Operations Manager
Kernel IT N.V. has been a partner in setting up our intranet environment. They are able to work with the Customer to have a system that is the most suitable. They gave us continuous support and are working diligently to give the best customer service possible.
Meryl D. Telgt-Pocorni
Corporate Communications Manager
Self Reliance Intranet dat gebouwd werd door Kernel-IT heeft onze interne communicatie getransformeerd. Het intuïtieve platform heeft onze samenwerking vereenvoudigd en onze productiviteit verhoogd. Een waardevolle toevoeging aan onze organisatie!
Franklin Maanster
Manager Information & Communication Technology
Kernel Information Technology N.V. is a crucial partner for developing and supporting our custom purchasing application. We especially appreciate their rapid response and flexible approach. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a solid IT Solutions partner.

Marcelino Jurgens
General Manager

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