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About Us

Kernel Information Technology N.V. is a Surinamese based company which was founded in 2015 (KKF #67271). We combine local capacity with strategic international partnerships to provide cloud and data management solutions. Our specialization is Microsoft Technology. We focus on area's such as Microsoft 365, Sharepoint Online and the Power Platform (Power BI, PowerApps and Power Automate). We have a various other IT and related services to offer so please check out the rest of our website and our Facebook page. We are always excited to hear from you personally so feel free to reach out!

What we do

We offer planning and implementation services for various information management solutions. Our Experience tells us that in addition to the technology itself, change management, user experience and security are immensely important factors contributing to a successful implementation. Aligning with the many lessons learned in the past, our approach is to include these elements in and throughout every solution we implement.


We offer digital tools and solutions to help maximize productivity and efficiency. Although most of our solutions are centered on certain key brands, we can assist with general package selection to meet your company's needs. We strongly believe that any company and/or profession can benefit from automation and digitization. However in addition to functionality, any and every tool in use should have a high level of security, stability and reliability.


Information and data are among the most valuable assets today. High quality analysis and visualization of data creates enormous opportunities for companies. This is certainly applicable to the company's internal data. Think of financial, sales, and HR data. But if you are able to analyze the market space and combine multiple sets of data you can draw some very powerful and useful conclusions and bring your organization to a higher level.


Our roots lie in traditional IT infrastructure and it will always be part of our service portfolio. To migrate to, maintain and leverage modern complex cloud systems, infrastructure expertise is invaluable. Also, even today, the a large number of companies are not 100% cloud-based. This tends to be the case with larger companies. The most common scenario in that case is a hybrid configuration where you have cloud systems working together with existing systems on-premise. But to access and integrate cloud systems, a stable and reliable network and internet connection is important. Firewalls, on-premise security and networking remain important.


We offer custom (IT) support to customers to help keep systems running smoothly, technically as well as functionally. Because of our experience in projects that have a heavy emphasize on business functionality as well as infrastructure deployments, offering support feels and is a natural and organic part of our operations.

Services and Products

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based service that is designed to help meet your organization's needs for robust security, reliability, and user productivity. This includes everything from enterprise grade email to workflow automation and document management. Office 365 integrates various existing systems thus maximizing your return. One of the greatest strengths of Office 365 is its familiarity and relation with products we know, love and trust: Microsoft Windows and Office.

Power BI

Power BI (Business Intelligence) is a visualization and data analysis tool to aid decision making in a highly visual way. Connect to and combine different data sources to find correlations, connections and similarities in your datasets. Popular data sources/types like Excel, SQL, Sharepoint, CSV and ODBC are a few among many available options. With a tool like Power BI you can enable and encourage data-driven leadership and decisions by creating beautiful, functional and interactive dashboards that everyone likes to use.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a growing platform of scalable and secure cloud solutions. There are multiple ways of using Azure. One way is through creating serversi the Azure cloud and manage and use them remotely. The advantage being that Microsoft guarantees high performance and stability infrastructure. Beside creating your own servers in Azure you can deploy existing solutions in their catalog. Keep in mind that these solutions are fully managed, secure and stable. With this option you don't have to worry about configuration or maintenance and can just focus on usage. Generally this means that you can get up and running faster. Using Azure has another advantage that is present regardless of the way you use it: your upfront costs for the service are much lower and in some case even zero. Which means you can start using Azure today!

Software Licensing

We are a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and can resell all Office and Microsoft 365 products. Through our distributor, MC3, we also offer the following brands: Adobe, BitTitan, Dropsuite, Microsoft (Volume Licensing), Sophos, Symantec and Veritas.


We are a group of highly motivated people that enjoy working together and are absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to use powerful and new technologies and shape that into solutions that help our customers to achieve more. Our team is almost literally addicted to learning and obsessed with finding the best solution possible for our customers. We try to live by and work with the idea that sustainable performance is one of the most important qualities to strive for. Meet some of our teammembers and see what they're upto:

Harvey Harpal


From a very young age, technology and engineering have always interested me. My real venture into technology was in the field of electronics. This resulted in the completion of Electrical Engineering study at AdekUS with a specialization of Information Technology. A love for computers combined with business ownership example at home and an urge for continuous improvement wherever possible resulted in co-founding Kernel IT in 2015. Apart from work some of my interests are playing the Piano, electronics and aviation.

Jermain Timpico



At the start of my journey I was not sure what career I wanted to pursue. After high school a lot of thoughts crossed my mind. The field of Economics was one of my interests. But after gaining some experience while working at a technology retail company, I was sold. Currently I'm studying IT management at Janssen and Partners N.V. Apart from work I love sports, going to the gym and Brazilian Jujitsu.

Genequa Wolff



I am an ambitious and hardworking individual. I am extremely driven, with a clear goal to succeed and I approach new challenges with an open mind. I enjoy sharing knowledge for, from and with colleagues, because I consider cooperation, transparency and learning from each other important conditions for an productive organization. Team productivity increases with individual well-being and keeping processes well design, organized and pleasant is crucial to that end.
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Robert Hahn Manager Corporate ICT

(Kernel IT is) A strategic partner who thinks and feels with us, always comes up with unique and effective solutions and is up-to-date with all things Microsoft.



Meryl D. Telgt-Pocorni Corporate Communications Manager

Kernel  IT N.V. has been a partner in setting up our intranet environment. They are able to work with the Customer to have a system that is the most suitable. They gave us  continuous support and are working diligently to give the best customer service possible.