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About Kernel IT

Kernel Information Technology N.V. is a Surinamese company which was co-founded in 2015 by Harvey Harpal (managing director of Kernel IT) as a response to the growing demand of Surinamese businesses for good ICT Solutions. Kernel IT provides support and training to clients related to Microsoft services, solutions, and licensing as well as other relevant products. Clients are closely supported and guided by a professional team in the usage and implementation of Microsoft solutions such as Microsoft 365, Azure and other data analytics platforms. This is essential for management- and decision making processes of any business.


Over the past six years, Kernel IT has successfully delivered on many IT migration and integration projects in cooperation with both regional and international partners. Kernel IT has a broad experience with clients from different industries such as the Oil-, Gas-, Energy-, Food production-, and retail sectors. Although Kernel IT is relatively young, their experience in the IT field has taught them many important lessons. One major lesson is that successful execution and implementation of IT projects is not solely dependent on the availability of technological tools, but also on how clients are supported during organizational transitions.

The team

The achievements of Kernel IT would not be possible without their motivated team who works closely with clients and partners to achieve the desired result. This small, but professional group is characterized by their enthusiastic and driven spirit. Eagerness to keep up with new developments in the IT industry, drives them to find the best solutions.

Core values

Kernel IT believes in building strong, lasting work relationships with you, and fosters an honest, solution-oriented and clear work environment. It’s therefore no surprise that integrity, resourcefulness and clarity are the company’s core values. Hence, the company encourages team members to live and work according to these values, because it strives to create a culture where clients are treated with honesty and transparency.

Future goals

Over the years Kernel IT has noticed an upward trend in the IT maturity amongst Surinamese companies and their willingness to invest in technology. This positive development has inspired Kernel IT to develop the necessary expertise, especially in areas such as analytics, cloud computing, and hybrid datacenter technology to name a few. Kernel IT constantly works towards increasing their business in Suriname, but also expanding to the region (CARICOM), as well as in parts of Europe. The company aims to have a leading position when it comes to specializing in Microsoft 365 implementations.

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